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Why we want to give back

Because life isn't about sending emails, making videos and blogging.

The world keeps turning. Let's spend some time raising money and giving help for those who truly need it.

Past Challenges

We'll spare you from having to see sweaty messes at the end of endurance challenges - but here are a few scenery shots from past charity endeavours!

Charities that Recbound support

There are 1000's of worthy charities across the world, but these are some of the organisations that are close to home.

Edgars Gift logo-1

Edgar’s Gift is a charity set up in 2010 in memory of Ben Edkins, who passed away following a year long fight with cancer. He was just 25 when he died after battling Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of muscle cancer.

The Christie Charitable Fund

Gifts from the public make a huge difference to the care and treatment that The Christie is able to provide to patients and their families. They have big goals and ambitions for the future, and all of these require your support.

Angelman charity logo

Raising awareness of this rare neurological condition and the issues that surround it. As with many such conditions, Angelman Syndrome is not just about a simple diagnosis, but requires parents and carers to adapt as situations change and the individual grows older.

Feeling charitable?

We believe that everyone should give back, in their own way. If you share similar values and you want a new challenge - check out our careers page.