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Our mission

Our mission is to grow recruitment agencies with better sales and marketing processes

Our vision

We will be integral to at least 100 recruitment agencies



If you want to partner with us, then these are what we look for from our clients

Win/win is the best outcome

Whether you’re a client, candidate, consultant or employee… everyone wins.


Your best clients are the ones that feedback and communicate. Same here.

Aim high

It's important to us that you're looking to grow or save a load of time. We only want to work with those who take recruitment seriously.

Enjoy what you do!

While you take recruitment seriously, we're an incredibly approachable bunch! We love it and we want a laugh along the way.

Join our club

If you want to join us, these are the behaviours that we expect from everyone in our business.


We don't want dicks working with us. So that's why we raise money for charity each year, and we help our teammates who need it.


New ideas can come from anywhere. But the best people in any market are always looking for a spark of inspiration. Learning is fun!


Vanilla doesn't cut it here. We need mint choc chip with sprinkles on. Positive grafters only... no uninspired blobs.


We’re all different. And that’s ok. We’re proud of our Manchester HQ and that’s why we love and proudly represent the bee.

Looking to partner with a marketing agency who knows recruitment?

Let's chat about how you can scale up your recruitment agency.