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Guides for recruiters

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Content Ideas
What do I post? Content ideas for recruiters

Your guide to content creation will help you to create engaging, shareable and clickable content for your socials.

Cold Emails
The recruiters guide to cold emails

Sick of getting your high bounce rate? Get the leads you really want by reading our tips and tricks to cold emailing clients.

Spec Out Templates

These email templates have been successful in getting placements before. Use these templates to up your Spec Out game.

Blogs for recruiters

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Building Case Studies
The Importance of Building Case Studies and Success Stories

The modern client is smart and tech-savvy and bases their decision on facts and data rather than emotions and hearsay...

Email vs InMail
Pros and Cons of Email vs InMail

Most recruitment consultants will use InMails. Some agencies will be tight, and not pay for messages. Some agencies will be stupid and not use the messages that they've paid for...

Marketing > Selling
Why Marketing is more important than selling

Many sales professionals wrongly consider marketing and sales to be the same. In reality, ‘sales’ is a part of marketing...

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